Jolin's Dancing Diva Concert Singapore 7 Apr 07

/ Thursday, April 26, 2007 /

Outside the Stadium

Katherine's sister & Katherine

In the Stadium

The crown stage light decor! SUPER CHIO.
Notice the J (for Jolin) hanging in the middle.
You'll see why it's there later.

The audience at 7.45 pm

Maximum zoomed shot of Kat & her sis from my seat hahaha.

One of the two screens at the side of the stage where it showed lyrics of all the songs Jolin sang while Jolin was also filmed on stage.


That J which was hung at the ceiling together with the crown stage lights lowered and TA DA! It was this big for Jolin to sit on! She performed a few slow sad songs on it. Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I wanna order one S chair!

Jolin Rockz!
The stage, the lightings, the J-chair, the dancers, the choreography, the dances, the clothings, the songs, the band
members and acouistic members, JOLIN and JOLIN and JOLIN,

they simply rockz!!!

I have filmed 11 (!) video clips of that night's concert. PHEW, my arms, the tireness and pain, phew is all I can say.

Updates - All Combined Since Jan 07

/ Wednesday, April 18, 2007 /

Hello everybody, don't stare at my pale face, I have just woken up from a nap after watching so many trailers at The Cathay. Who says working is tiring, I get to watch trailers and sleep during official working hours can.

Ok la no la, I was actually waiting for my all-time-favorite printing uncle to finish printing 55 booklets of my work. Total amounted to $400. I'm always giving him all the big projects thanks to my boss.

Yeah this super big poster was also one of the jobs I gave that uncle. It costs near $200. The macho guy sitting there is my senior designer, the creator of this poster. But the logo icon was done by me can hehehe.

Anyway, my rest time reduced a lot this year. My beauty sleep needs at least 8 hours but I am only resting for less than 7 hours, sometimes 5. Not to mention, I have also spent the longest period, 30 hours without sleep, in office from my personal records. Proud of myself! But NO BOSS, I don't wanna break this record hehe am satisfied with it already.

I guess tireness did not show only on my pale face.

That egoistic alien emoticon from MSN attacked my flowchart one fine day!

Maybe I should really take any littlest chance to rest.

WA uncle auntie! Where can I buy these stools! My bums not as big as yours which can farking block the whole door so hor, got smaller stool or not???

Luckily, I still managed to spend a fun Chinese New PIG Year on Feb. Though not much pictures.

Two PIGs - Me and my grandmother =)

Me and my sisters visited each other's family too.

Jiayi, Tak Yee and Jiayi's dog.

猪朋狗友 aka pig dog buddies - Me with Jiayi's dog

Nevertheless, even though we were and are busy with our own working lives, we still conscientiously made efforts to meet up for KTV SESSIONS!

Jiayi was bored with Tak Yee singing so started some self-appreciation session.

OLC the 膀胱男孩 aka the bladder boy

OLC the 阳光男孩 aka the sunny boy

Recently some little thing brightened my life...

Credits to Arul for this picture

Hehehe Dumboling is just another silly boy among my many babiesss.

Ok stay tuned for Jolin's concert post coming soon. Not much pictures but still,


Before I go, please look at me one more time.



/ Saturday, April 07, 2007 /

15-16 September 2006
Hong Kong Coliseum, Hong

Hong Kong
23 September 2006
Football Stadium, Shanghai

27 September 2006
HuangLong Stadium, Hangzhou
13 October 2006
Entertainment Centre, Sydney

17–19 November 2006
Taipei Arena,Taipei
23 November 2006
Mohegan Sun Arena, Connecticut
United States
09 December 2006
Jaya Stadium, Kelana

07 April 2007
Indoor Stadium, Singapore

Singapore Wins FlashGoddess Award 2007

/ Thursday, April 05, 2007 /
Congratulations! You're a winner of the runner up Flash Goddess prize which includes a ticket to FITC and $25 worth of credits to spend on The judges had a very difficult task in deciding the Award winner with so many great submissions.
FITC and FlashDen will be in touch with further details.


WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Can you believe it???




Seriously, I wanna thank Lionel and Arul for encouraging me to join in this prestigious award. I thought I wouldn't win, but who knows who knows you tell me WHO KNOWS!

I did not think it was such a big deal, till Arul said:

Just to add on to the details of the award, this is the first time ever the world flashgoddess awards were organized by the community. The awards were sponsored by FITC ( Flash in the can ) - one of the world's most popular Flash ( and related technologies) events. Winning an award at FITC would be equivalent to, say, a musician winning a Grammy. As simple as that.

Congrats to Sandy on her achievement. Next year, bring home the ultimate award! ;o)

Arul Prasad.

I know I know, maybe those super pro female Flash Designers didn't know about this competition. Nods must be it.

click on the banner below if you wanna see the awards finalists' page.

Personality Test

/ Wednesday, April 04, 2007 /
Wa Tak Yee showed me this Imagini Visual DNA website and I find it's very interesting!
You know, not those normal personality test websites where they just ask ask ask questions.
Like it's title, Imagini Visual DNA, you choose your options from pictures!

My results:

Qing Ming 2007

/ Monday, April 02, 2007 /
The 一年一度 annual family event, Qing Ming Festival, just took place yesterday.
Many folks woke up as early as 3 am in the morning to prepare setting off to their ancestors' tombs.

Yeah, I didn't I admit. But but but I still woke up at 5 am ok! Though I delayed everyone from setting off at around 6, we still had to wait for the relatives at the Malaysia side after we reached. So blehhhh not my bad.

While waiting, we had a nicee~ authentic breakfast at an authentic Malaysia coffeeshop there. You know you can never find such authentic taste in Singapore.

After all arrived, we drove another 15 minutes to the cemetery only to find out that the people who woke up at 3 am have already jammed up that place! Therefore, many impatient drivers cut queue by travelling on the opposite direction side of the road happily. Then, ☞ GOTCHA!!! YOU! CANNOT GO INTO THE CEMETARY! Says the traffic policemen, stopping them just before the entrance. So it became us who drove happily in when he signalled us to.

When we got there,


Qing Ming'07 - Cemetery

Qing Ming'07 - Grandparents' tomb

Qing Ming'07 - Placing the offerings

Qing Ming'07 - Placing the charm papers

Qing Ming'07 - Lighting the candles

Qing Ming'07 - Paper Mercedes Benz

Qing Ming'07 - Holding umbrella praying for rain to stop

Qing Ming'07 - ★ Group 155 in action ★
(Obviously referring to our heights' average)

Qing Ming'07 - Preparing to burn joss paper and paper offerings

Qing Ming'07 - Pray pray pray, may my grandparents receive them

And this time round, I did something really different from the past years.

Inspired by Jiayi and Tak Yee's colleague,



Accordance to my father's side hierarchical order...

My Biggest Aunt's Family

My Family

My Second Uncle's Family

My Third Uncle's Family

My Fourth Uncle

My Fifth Uncle

My Sixth Uncle

My Youngest Aunt

Hehehe ☺☺☺ Aren't they cute! Esp the parents taking such act cute shots.

Har? Why didn't I take myself?
Have you had not enough of my BARBIE PIC???! ☺☺☺

Till next post CIAO!
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