Sam's Macbook AIR

/ Monday, February 25, 2008 /

It's really ultra thin and flat. Though you can type on it like L you still cannot hold it up like L. It's still too heavy for 2 fingers.

Gathering at Ms Amy's House on CNY

/ Thursday, February 21, 2008 /
Just a few pictures of 0305's CNY gathering 2008 at Ms Amy's house...

Ms Amy! She was so good to us that she made her debut in cooking mee soup for us!

0305 with Ms Amy and her dear son..

That is why I said the guy in that ad looks so familiar...

OLC's New Hot GF!

/ Tuesday, February 05, 2008 /
I only know OLC is good at knowing the latest updates of movies, but didn't know he's THAT good in girls too!!!

WAHAHA. Nice gimmick of Meet The Spartans. Will definitely catch it in cinemas. Lovers of 300 should go watch the parody too!!! Credit goes to Sam, as he played the prank on Arul and showed us hahaha.

This video tells us, scandals can not only be in the form of pictures, but in videos too. What's impossible in this world you tell me.


Edison's Message on Recent Scandal Pictures

/ Monday, February 04, 2008 /

"I've decided to break my silence today and make this statement to the media and to all people involved in this strange ordeal. Recent documents being posted online have been intentionally hurtful and malicious not only to the victims but to our whole community.

"I have already handed matters over to the police and have been assisting them with this case from the first day onwards. Due to ongoing investigations, I am unable to comment any further upon this case.

"The lives of many innocent people have been affected by this malicious and criminal conduct, and in this regard I am filled with pain, hurt and frustration.

"I hereby use this opportunity to apologize to anyone who has been affected by this strange, strange ordeal.

"I now call upon everyone to help and assist the victims of this case. If you have ever downloaded any of these images, please do not forward them to anyone. Please do not send them to anyone. If you are still in possession of these images, I urge you to please destroy them immediately. Let's help the wounded heal their wounds. I urge you to help the victims and not make anything worse."
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