Web Cam with WONG

/ Wednesday, March 26, 2008 /

Guo ran is sisters. Even sleep also wear same shirt coincidentally.

My ugliest funny face is finally published on sandeestar.blogspot.

TWIST through the cyberworld, with my running nose!

Random After-Lunch Stuffs

/ Tuesday, March 25, 2008 /
Firstly, let me thank my friends who got worried about my previous post. It was actually nothing. I thought too much over it and got even more worked up while I typed. The morale of that post is still valid though. SAVE WHILE YOU CAN. Don't talk about CPF already. Wait until you cannot spell CPF you also cannot get it man.

Anyway, meet the certified Singapore's 3rd Tallest Person... William!

... with the shortest guy in my company, Arul! wahaha.

William: What a small boy he is hiak hiak hiak.
Arul: I got iPhone can already.

And after walking back to office after lunch, sweating all over due to the piercing sunlight, the dark clouds came. Jiayi suspects it was Horton looking over at us.


/ Tuesday, March 11, 2008 /
WASSUP wassup.

The past month and still going is busy busy busy. Oh who ain't busy you'd say. Anyone who's useful is busy and can't blog like nobody's business. Er hem.

DING DING DIIINNNNNGGG This's an alarm to all working fellows with CPF. Coming 1st April, if you are still not in the situation, you must be dreaming that you're still a kid and not being mature enough yet to care about financial plans. Ok that's all I'm telling. I'm not gonna waste my energy typing out of goodwill. You go find out yourself kiddo.

Growing up is still painful for me. Though I'm not talking about monthly menses, it certainly is part of the pain. After working for 2 years and going, I can't deny I enjoy working life more than schools'. Well but, when I thought I could buy the most expensive things around, my previous company called it a day due to investor's pulling of the plug. Fuck and thanks to that investor I've learnt a precious lesson that nothing is forever when it comes to Mr. M. Oney.

I took all in a positive way though. I've had a taste of all extremes that not many people can experience. From miserable starting pay, to having many counter offers suddenly, to seeing company folding up, to holding stocks of my current company really made adrenaline raced to and fro my weak heart in the most ardent way ever. I did not even have the chance to breathe and think can. And the amenity is, all these happened within just TWO YEARS. I mean, it all felt like crashed course's lessons to me. If I didn't experience those plunges, my life would have been cultivated to sparing no thoughts for buying a few LVs in one month. I have learned to save while I can. I have learned that those spendthrifts will suffer in the latter part of their lives.

Let this post be a hammer on all stupid heads of those who are still posing rich yet you know you really are not. SAVE WHILE YOU CAN IDIOTS.

Thou shalt be rich not by appearance, but from within your heart and of course, your bank account.
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