10 Sichuan Clips, 10 Times I Cried.

/ Thursday, May 22, 2008 /
A lot of things to say. A lot of things to share.

I have been following the news of Sichuan Earthquake on Youku.com and gathered the following 10 clips out of the abundant videos uploaded by Youku's members, either news or self-made video of heart wrenching photos.

1. 四川,不哭 (Sichuan, Don't Cry)

Original self-made video from a web user. Background music is 眼泪笑了, sung by my latest favorite singer, 刘力扬 (Liu Li Yang) from China. This clip soared in viewership within days and contrary to its title, it left more people shedding tears of sadness.

2. 母亲舍身护婴 手机遗言宝贝一定要记住我爱你!

This news clip made the news reporters cried as they report on live broadcast. It is about a mother who protected her baby during the quake by hugging it and bending forward. When the rescuers found them amidst the rubbles, the baby is still alive, warm and soundly sleeping in the firm arms of its dead mother. Sigh.

Whats more, the mother left her last message in her mobile:
Baby, if you can survive, you must remember, mummy loves you.


3. 她不再醒来 向战斗在第一线的人们致敬

A nurse who had been taking care of Sichuan's earthquake victims for days without rest finally collapsed and succumbed to her originally weak heart. During the critical period of rescuing her, her husband was so worried and anxious that he couldn't control his hands.

The white angel had her heart resumed pumping for 11 times throughout the rescue but left finally forever. Her husband couldn't control and collapsed onto the floor crying for her. Everyone around rushed to support him.

The saddest part is, their daughter came to hug her fallen father and cried PAPA, PAPA. Arghh.

4. 北川男子被埋为了老婆坚持73小时,救出后却坚持不了,现场女记者痛哭不已

A victim, Chen Jian's strong will to live for his wife kept him alive and appeared to be in a good shape even though he was suppressed under the huge broken wall pieces for 73 hours. Rescuers were trying their best to save him out while a female reporter interviewed him and giving him support.

This 16 minutes long video clip saw the whole episode of rescue and when they finally were carrying him down the rubble hill in the ultra dark night, Chen Jian let go of his will finally.

The rescuer scolded him, for being silly and giving up after all that perseverance. The female reporter also cried for him to wake up but to no avail. The scene ended with one of the male rescuers silently weeping behind.

5. 救援战士目击伤者死亡 泪如雨下失控晕倒

The soldiers and rescuers really gave in all their hearts I tell you.

This soldier in the clip was being interviewed and when he was talking about witnessing victims dying in front of him, he just couldn't control and cried out. That sudden wrench of emotion made him collapse halfway through the interview.

6. 特写:九岁小英雄

This heroic cute little 9 years old boy, Ying Xiu, was studying when the quake hit Sichuan. Only 10 from his class of 31 students escaped from the school building in time.

During the escape, the walls suddenly collapsed on 2 of his friends and him. He tried to climb out and when he finally did, he didn't run away but instead, he saved the 2 of them by pulling them out and carrying them 1 by 1, despite his small size, to the principal.

He survived, rescued his friends but lost his parents. His sister brought him down the hill and walked for 7 hours to the victims' camp, waiting for the hopeful news of their parents to come.

7. 11岁女孩跳下6楼逃生后重返塌楼救出多名老师

A right decision made at the right time and at the right place. This 11 years old girl decided to jump down from her classroom on the 6th floor onto the farm's field in the nick of time. Just as she jumped, she said the building collapsed behind her.

She survived the fall without injuries but did not run away as well. She turned back and went into the messy rubble to save many teachers out.

During her interview, she cried and said she couldn't say sorry to her dad anymore and that she had lost her dad forever. When volunteers told her her mum is on her way to meet up with her, she quickly wiped her tears and requested for food so that she would appear energetic enough not to let her mother worry.

When her mother came into the room, they hugged in tears. The kind of lost and found feeling, you know, is really indescribable.

8. 汶川空投伞兵救灾


This batch of soldiers were the first troop to integrate into the dangerous disaster-stricken area by parachutes and reconnected Sichuan's communication with the world once again.

9. 汶川地震最新消息:灾区老太太跪求解放军:你们一定要吃一定要喝

Many Sichuan survivors were deeply touched by the relentless soldiers and volunteers during this difficult period. Sights of villagers offering food and drink to them are everywhere but this particular scene was really touching.

Soldiers often reject the villagers' offers due to the strict rules and shortage of food supply too. This grandmother was really grateful to them and persisted giving them the food she brought while telling them,

"All of you must eat and drink."

Upon many rejections from the brave soldiers, the grandmother kneeled down and plead with them to accept...

10. 让我们记住这些脸

Another web user made this video full of heart-aching photos, wanting us to remember each and every sad face during this catastrophe. May all of you be blessed with our love.

I cried in office seeing this. CAN SOMEONE GIVE HER BACK HER KINS?!!!!!!!!!

Donation methods here.

刘力扬 - 眼泪笑了
5/5 Sandeestars






Sichuan's Earthquake. Beijing's Olympics. China 2008.

/ Friday, May 16, 2008 /
I have to give in already.

Sichuan's big disastrous earthquake melted the ice towards China in my heart and guess what! I teared while watching the saddening news clips on TV for... CHINA PEOPLE! *GASP*

No matter how pleasant the China's Chinese (TKL aka Tiong Kok Lang) sounds as they chat out loud, no matter how fragrant they smell while squeezing with them in every corner of Singapore or no matter how fit and strong they are to be able to grab a seat before passengers alight the MRT, I will learn to swallow my saliva, hold my breath and see them in a different light.

And, I don't want Doomsday to come anymore. I was seriously just feeling bored by work ok.

I am going to donate (!My Virgin Donation!) to offer some monetary help. Luckily DBS/POSB joined in this action together with Singapore Red Cross via their ATMs (finally) and it's going to make my (and yours!) kind action easier because UOB was the only bank before today who activated the donation appeal in their machines. What is Citibank still waiting for!?

It is also heartwarming to know that China is doing what they have promised, not being adamant in their old conservative way of handling politics and accepted help offered by Japan, Russia, South Korea and Singapore till date.

Offers of help poured from all over the world proves that this 50,000-estimated-casualties disaster may help greatly in the Beijing Olympics. A heavy price paid for earning sympathy, acceptance and attention in a wrong but unavoidable way. At least, I won't boycott it anymore. *gasp* This is a miracle.

I hope for China to overcome this disaster's aftermath.

Upon changing my perspective towards China, I finally heard and saw the videos of Beijing Olympics' 100 Days Countdown Show on YouTube. You know, there is really a humongous difference between hearing the theme song before and after the Sichuan's earthquake.

Those poignant scenes on the live performance of singers and China's people roaring words of hospitality to the world in their patriotic and united singing greatly stirred my feelings. They must be having very mixed emotions right now. Trying their best to be hospitable by speaking English to tourists while coping with the loss of their fellow Sichuan people.

So much so that, I give the theme song, Beijing Welcomes You, a 5/5 Sandeestars.

China, you can do it!!!

The Live Performance @ 100 Days Countdown Show

The Making Of

The Official Music Video


【陳天佳】迎接另一個晨曦 帶來全新空氣
【劉歡】氣息改變情味不變 茶香飄滿情誼
【那英】我家大門常打開 開放懷抱等你
【孫燕姿】擁抱過就有了默契 你會愛上這裡
【孫悅】不管遠近都是客人 請不用客氣
【王力宏】相約好了再一起 我們歡迎你
【韓紅】我家種著萬年青 開放每段傳奇
【周華健】為傳統的土壤播種 為你留下回憶
【梁詠琪】陌生熟悉都是客人 請不用拘禮
【羽泉】第幾次來沒關係 有太多話題

【成龍】北京歡迎你 為你開天闢地
【蔡依林】北京歡迎你 在太陽下分享呼吸

【周筆暢】我家大門常打開 開懷容納天地
【韋唯】歲月綻放青春笑容 迎接這個日期
【黃曉明】天大地大都是朋友 請不用客氣
【韓庚】畫意詩情帶笑意 只為等待你

【汪峰】北京歡迎你 像音樂感動你
【譚晶】北京歡迎你 有夢想誰都了不起

【閻維文】北京歡迎你 為你開天闢地
【王霞 李雙松】北京歡迎你 在太陽下分享呼吸

【林依輪】北京歡迎你 像音樂感動你
【林俊傑】北京歡迎你 有夢想誰都了不起

【容祖兒】我家大門常打開 開放懷抱等你
【李宇春】擁抱過就有了默契 你會愛上這裡
【黃大煒】不管遠近都是客人 請不用客氣
【陳坤】相約好了再一起 我們歡迎你

【謝霆鋒】北京歡迎你 為你開天闢地
【徐若瑄】北京歡迎你 在太陽下分享呼吸

【湯燦】我家大門常打開 開懷容納天地
【林志玲 張梓琳】歲月綻放青春笑容 迎接這個日期
【張靚穎】天大地大都是朋友 請不用客氣
【許茹芸 伍思凱】畫意詩情帶笑意 只為等待你

【楊坤 范瑋琪】北京歡迎你 像音樂感動你
【游鴻明 周曉歐】讓我們都加油去超越自己
【沙寶亮 滿文軍】北京歡迎你 有夢想誰都了不起
【金海心 何潤東】有勇氣就會有奇蹟

【飛兒 龐龍】北京歡迎你 為你開天闢地
【吳克群 齊峰】流動中的魅力充滿著朝氣
【5566 胡彥斌】北京歡迎你 在太陽下分享呼吸
【鄭希怡 刀郎】在黃土地刷新成績

【紀敏加 屠洪剛 吳彤】北京歡迎你 像音樂感動你
【郭容 劉耕宏 騰格爾】讓我們都加油去超越自己
【金莎 蘇醒 韋嘉】北京歡迎你 有夢想誰都了不起
【付麗珊 黃征 房祖】有勇氣就會有奇蹟

【全體】北京歡迎你 有夢想誰都了不起
【全體】北京歡迎你 有夢想誰都了不起

Doomsday 2012 Dec 21?

/ Tuesday, May 13, 2008 /
Do you believe that the Earth will come to an end soon?

Arul showed me this episode of the documentary, Decoding The Past by History Channel, which was broadcasted originally last year.

Doomsday 2012 - Part 1

Doomsday 2012 - Part 2

I got obsessed totally after watching it and started googling about all the related words and numbers and left my work untouched since the world is going to end anyway.

The results from Google showed that lots of people around the world have already been aware of this 'prophecy' and some even signed up accounts at various sites using names like '20121221' etc. Worst still, some Christoph Kovacs guy bought the '20121221.com' domain as early as July 2006 so that it will become the most expensive domain before the world ends, leaving him as the richest sole survivor on Earth other than cockroaches.

You must be thinking, wa Sandy must be too free or mad to be searching for all these!

I think I am!!! Somehow deep in my heart I wish this prophecy is true wahahaha! Maybe it's the workload that makes me feel good when I hear something about the end of the world. I have already wished something like that would happen during the hyper marketing of Cloverfield the movie on the world wide web wahaha, now it really happens! I mean at least, it's started to get exciting on the web!

Never mind me, I will regret what I have said when Doomsday really comes.

Before you believe too much in the 2012 prophecy, read this and you'll see how disappointed I am in the end facing my Photoshop again.

Happy ♥ Mother's ♥ Day 2008!

/ Sunday, May 11, 2008 /
Treated my whole family to Swenson's, IMM, today!

My super bubbly Popo (My mum's mother), Mama (that's what I call my mum) & Me!

Sigh, here's the only place I dare to say this in exclamationsss:
(♥) THEM LAR!!!

My Papa (that's what I call my dad), my bro (youngest of us) and my sis.

Ok, though they're not the leads today, I (♥) them as well to prevent politics.

Not going to say anymore mushy things already. They should know how I feel towards them themselves.

Thanks to whoever for blessing me with such a family, esp my mama!

Argh ok I'd better stop.


/ Thursday, May 08, 2008 /
PHEW! Take a break here.

Recent workload is madness. I restricted myself from opening MSN to increase the attention span on work for almost one month already. Guess I did not only benefit myself but also benefited my JMs, I ASSUME.

As such, my mood swung very often. Sighh. When I could not design anything solid for that day, that night I would look like charcoal and ready to burst into flames at anybody. While after I did something super solid or quite a substantial amount of work, I would cheer up and tease the people I have fumed on previous days,

"You know why my mood is so good now??? I have done very good work today and I think I deserve a pair of new shoes!"

Sigh. Someone said I'm a 'happy poor girl and a sad rich one'. People spend when they are feeling down but I am totally opposite.

Barely only a week has passed in May, I have spent 1k already. Before you scold me for contradicting my previous post, I am also spending to reward myself for saving up to this X amount I have targeted previously! Therefore, it is a cause for joy! HURRRRRRRRRRRRR nnpp!

People close enough to me would also know that I am SUPER strict with organizing my daily life stuffs. This is my good point because,

• I can be a good daughter who doesn't need her parents to worry,

• I can be a thoughtful girlfriend who plans for her boyfriend,

• I can be a good mother who plans for her children,

• I can be a good friend who thinks far for her friends (just an example to add on, not talking about you wahahaha),

• I can be a good employee who is sooo organized and meeting deadlines.

But, sad to say, this is also my worst point as,

• I have been a disrespectful daughter when I scolded my mother just because she put my panty into my sister's closet,

• I have been an unreasonable girlfriend when I blamed my boyfriend for the things that were planned so eagerly by me and NOT HIM. HMPF. I always bluff myself by thinking it's always the girl who plans for small things while the guy plans for big ones.

• I may become the most haggard mother when I get angry with my children every now and then I see the toy car out of the toy box which I have already kept 5 minutes ago and 10 minutes ago,

• I always control my weird nosy character very very hard when I see friends not planning good enough for themselves by telling myself it's really none of my business just let them die please.

• I feel like killing myself for being such an organized worker who always clear the recycle bin on my desktop or shift deleting some supposedly redundant file which finally proved to be the most important file in the world.

In short, I am just one straight line,

disciplined but not flexible,
safe but not exciting,
reserved but having super high potential of going crazy.

I was not like that when I was still studying! Do I call this maturity? No I don't think so.

I still scold at will.
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