To those who truly care for me, Thank You.

/ Monday, October 31, 2011 /

I've been thinking a lot lately. About friends and life. About work and future. It dawned on me that I've not been a sincerely caring person to people around me. It is no wonder I get the same treatment back from them.

I appreciate my love for tolerating with my temper. It's my luck to have met such a nice guy in my life. Without his constant encouragement and love, being the fragile me, I wouldn't know what will become of me. I'm not afraid to declare he's the love of my life because that's the truth. Whatever happens in the future, nothing can change this fact.

Many things have been going on in my head. Some days I whine to my love, other days I kept them to myself and tried to forget. They're mostly the same stuffs looping and stirring my emotions every day.

I appear really carefree to most people. It's tiring. I am not. I totally am not carefree. I mind a lot of things but I have to act like I don't. Maybe it's my bad brain being over active. But I AM NOT OK.

Baby Ya Ya's 1st Year on Earth

/ Saturday, October 01, 2011 /
Yeah.. It's my birthday, so where's my present?

Oh, it's inside? So.. small?

HA! Hair clip?!

ha..ha.. yay...


(evil grin)

(innocent face again)
Where's my present? I need a present cos it's my birthday.


The aunt of Ya Ya, who invited us ☺

Mother and her little girl ♥

May Ya Ya have a wonderful life journey ahead! She'll surely grow up to be a really sweet girl inherited from her mom and aunt! :D

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